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Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj, Hindustan Times
June 03, 2012
Many of us are raised with the common myth that we will become weak if we don't eat fish or meat. But we can discredit this myth if we look at an elephant that not only survives on just leaves and branches but also thrives in good health. Like elephants, some of the strongest animals of the world are strictly vegetarian. When a person realises this, his spiritual nature begins to awaken; he starts experiencing many changes from within. One of them is the development of
a sensitivity through which the relationship between his body and his soul takes a new meaning and importance.

The inner vision of the soul reveals aspects to his personality that he did not know or felt before. His subtle energies become more tangible and he begins to judge for himself whether the food his body has ingested is really healthy for him or not.

The question that arises now is "Why follow a vegetarian diet?" The answer is simple. Human beings by nature are non-violent. The true nature of the human soul is peace and tranquility.

Spiritual energy accumulates while practising non-violence. In this world, there is so much anxiety, tension, irritability and injustice which can be attributed to the dietary habits of human beings, because some of the food that one eats has all these vibrations of violence and negativity.

Hence, it is advisable to avoid eating food that comes through violence or the act of killing. A healthy body is one that is kept clean both from within and outside. When we feed the mind as well as the body with love, the atmosphere around us will also become peaceful and loving to live in, because our mental state has a definite and direct impact on the atmosphere around us.

There are many benefits in preparing food in a peaceful and happy mental state. And, when we eat food prepared in such a manner, we will feel happy and positive. That will surely, in turn, improve the quality and longevity of life.