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New Delhi, June 09, 2012
After doctors, Haryana Khap Panchayat is miffed with Aamir Khan for twisted representations of their statements. They have demanded that Aamir’s show be taken off air, reports a daily.

The fifth episode of the show threw light on honour killing, a practice followed by certain sections of the Indian society.

Aamir asked some members of the Khap panchayat if the laws set by them was bigger that the law set by the Indian Constitution.

In their defence, Khap Panchayat in turn held the media accountable for misleading people.

"We are trying to safeguard social customs and traditions which are the backbone of any society," said Randhir Singh, president of Meham Chaubisi khap panchayat to a leading daily.

"Such marriages are avoided in most societies across the world as their ill effects have been scientifically proven," he added.

Over to Aamir now.