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Press Trust Of India
September 16, 2003
  1. Sex of Assignment and Rearing: When a child is born first, the hospital staff and then the parents assign a gender (male or female) to the newborn. This assignment is done mostly on the basis of the external genitalia.

    Later on the child’s family and the society also do the same. After this initial assignment of the gender, the child is reared (brought up) from these perceptions either as a boy or as a girl.
  2. Developmental Establishment of Gender Identity and Gender Role: As the child grows, it usually accepts the gender assigned to it by the family and the society.

    This acceptance establishes gender identity. Gender identity is the personal conviction that each of us have about our femininity or masculinity. This identification process occurs around two years of age when a language is being learnt.

    When the child accepts and becomes comfortable with its gender, it also follows the appropriate gender role. Gender role is the set of rules that are laid down by the society to tell us how to behave according to our sex or gender.

    These rules are made by our culture and not by biology. The rules of the gender role apply from the moment of birth. If there is any confusion or non-acceptance of one’s own gender, then it leads to a gender identity crisis.

    (Source: Webhealthcentre.com)