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June 25, 2012
Wondering which videos to watch on Youtube? From the launch video of Surface tablet to a parody of Call Me Baby, we bring you this week's most watched videos through the Youtube trends feature which keeps a tab on trending videos.

Here's our pick of the best videos on Youtube this week:

Surface by Microsoft


Microsoft launched its iPad rival - the Surface tablet at an event recently. The introductory video displaying the sleek design of the new tablet has become the most viewed video of the week. The latest consumer product by Microsoft has certainly wowed the tech geeks.

Call Me Maybe" (DIRTY PARODY)

5.5 mn

Carly Rae Jepsen's hit number Call Me Maybe has suddenly become the subject of many parodies. While one famous parody shows an over-attached girlfriend questioning her boyfriend's behavior, another dirty parody shows a guy salivating over a hot neighbor in contrast to the official video where the girl is going crazy over a hunky neighbor. Created by Timothy DeLaGhetto, the lyrics are a bit X-rated but still the video is a funny watch.

Epic Shake Weight Prank

4.7 mn

There's nothing better for laughs than a street prank and if it a dirty prank, you’ve got a winner. The video begins with a man shaking a weight dumbbell.strategically placed near his genitalia. He is purposefully doing it in corner and arouses curiosity in bypassers who obviously assume that he shaking his penis. It's a funny video and records people’s initial reaction of disgust change to that of a sheepish grin at realizing that the man is just exercising with his dumbbell.

Behind the scenes at a McDonald's photo shoot


Ever wondered why a McDonald's burger looks more delicious in the ads than in real? This was a question asked Jessica, a consumer from the Marketing head of McDonlads. This video shows how the photo team makes the burger look so good in the ads without any change in the ingredients or drastic photoshop.