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Agence France-Presse
July 02, 2012
Throwing a party or planning an event? Now you can celebrate before, during and after on Google+. “Today’s online event tools are really just web forms that ask, ‘Are you going?’ Worse yet, they bail when you need them the most: during the actual event, and after everyone leaves. In life we plan, we party and we keep in touch. Software should make all of this more awesome, and that's exactly our aim with Google+ Events,” said Google Senior Vice President Vic Gundotra.

Google+ Events are deeply integrated throughout Google+ and Google Calendar, making it easy to invite contacts, set up reminders and follow all the action online.

Google+ Events enables you to design and send out invites with a cinemagraphic edge too; you can include personal videos from YouTube or attach one of 12 unique animations.

The fun doesn’t stop there. You can also use the service to run your own live action slideshow featuring photos from all your friends as they are captured.

“Once you’ve enabled Party Mode on your mobile device, all of your new photos get added to the event in real-time,” explained Vic Gundotra. “And as more guests turn on Party Mode, more pictures will instantly appear to fellow invitees. In this way Google+ Events gives your party a visual pulse; we’ve even added a "live slideshow" you can proudly project during the event.”

The live Party Mode is reminiscent of social photo app Color in its first iteration, but unlike Color (which has mostly faded into irrelevance along with its 41 million dollars in funding), Google+ Events has the potential to become the crowning glory of Google’s social network. 

Guests who don’t automatically update their images during the party can add their images to the event page after the fact. The images are stored online on a dedicated event page, in chronological order, so you and all your guests can relive the party days or months after the hangover has worn off.

Google+ Events totally blows the pants off Facebook’s current events feature by engaging participants with a connected social experience that moves closer to fusing the online and offline worlds.