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Hindustan Times
Mumbai, July 04, 2012
While we wait to see Shah Rukh Khan's eight-pack in Farah Khan's Happy New Year, it seems the actor will soon be seen in a rather non-glam role. This photo, shot at socialite Queenie Singh's jewellery window launch in London, shows us an SRK we've never seen before! Since the actor is very particular about his looks, we were astonished.

Shah Rukh Khan in his new look

Could this be a look from Yash Chopra's film, for which he is currently shooting, we wondered.

So we phoned Yash Raj Films and this is what the spokesperson said: "SRK has two looks in the film. It's not a double role. We can't divulge any more information."

Meanwhile, Queenie Singh says: "Shah Rukh was shooting for his movie and dropped by before the event. I clicked the picture while he was there. He hasn't put on weight, it's the light above and his jacket which made him look different."