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New Delhi, July 05, 2012
While the whole world is gung-ho about the discovery of God particle, starlet Poonam Pandey is more interested in the equally elusive G-Spot. She has in fact challenged the scientists to locate it.

She tweeted: "They've finally found the God particle, what's taking them so long finding the g-spot?" "What's the big deal in finding God Particle... dare them to find the G-spot," she added.

Her other tweets:
@iPoonampandey: "Is god particle another name for the g-spot, and the scientist dude found it after much effort last night?? no? ;p"

@iPoonampandey: "He named it "God" Coz its what he heard the whole night! oh my god ! Oh my God !"

@iPoonampandey: "Now that the higgs Boson particle has been found-let's get to work on that G-spot particle.. tried last night?? ;p"

Apart from this, the Kingfisher model is also celebrating International Bikini Day as Poonam Pandey Day. FULL STORY


B-Town debut
The Pandey girl will soon be making her Bollywood debut in Jism director Amit Saxena's next. The starlet says her debut film is a coming-of-age tale, something that people have not seen before: "I've rejected 30 offers. But there was something very special about this movie. I have heard several story narrations, but this story was unique. I am sure people have not seen something like this before. My character is extremely interesting."

Ask her if the film will have explicit scenes, the starlet replies in affirmative: "The bold scenes are shot in a very classy way. If I'm there, there is bound to be exposure. I have stepped into glam business with a bold image so why would I shy away from doing hot scenes in Bollywood."