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P P Wangchuk, Hindustan Times
July 09, 2012
The so-called God particle found by a team of scientists at the European Centre for Nuclear Research last week may have changed the very approach towards God. Now the question is: Is it really the God you believe in? The scientists involved in the ‘discovery’ have not said anything regarding God. Peter Higgs, an atheist, who had first proposed the existence of such a particle 40 years ago, is not happy with the God reference because giving currency to the term ‘God particle’ could annoy many a religious people.

Initially, God Particle was known as ‘Goddamn Particle’. How did it come to be known as God Particle? Nobel laureate and physicists Leon Lederman’s book, ‘The God Particle: If the Universe is the Answer, What is the Question?’ had taken its title from Goddamn Particle.  Later, the media put it into good God usage. Thus, both the publishers as well as God “benefitted a lot from each other”!

Perhaps many among us may be happy that God has at last been found. But for most of the rational and agnostics, God is just a concept. They would take it just as a Goddamn particle and not God Particle as many of us would like to.

For all that we know sure, this Goddamn Particle is a subatomic particle that gives all kinds of matter in the universe their mass, size and shape. To that extent, yes, it gives the whole universe what believers in God think He has given them.

Now, isn’t it better that God is best left undiscovered? The mystery that shrouds the existence of God is ‘the real thing’ that makes Him the greatest force in the universe. Once you are sure that He has been discovered, His spell on us will be lost forever. Our interest will be best served if we take the Goddamn Particle only as a subatomic particle and not as the Almighty. To underline the point again, let me say, let us let Him be there and yet not there!