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Minakshi Saini, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, July 12, 2012
Reacting strongly to a recent interview given by Bipasha Basu where she calls all men losers, model Poonam Pandey criticised the actor’s comments on micro-blogging website, Twitter.

Poonam fired a volley of tweets defending men. “Just cause you chose all the losers in ur life, doesn’t mean all men are lukhas (sic),” she wrote, adding, “People who say ‘all men are losers havn’t really met a man yet...If today’s guys are losers, will you settle with a filthy, old rich man? For an actress who is ‘unsatisfied’ with her career after a decade in Bollywood, clearly, Who is the loser here?”

“I’m quite thick skinned,” Bipasha had said in the interview. To which Pandey reacted saying, “We already know that, don’t we.” In the interview, Bips also said that men want to be mothered. “I got two words for you, Grow up,” tweeted Poonam.

As soon as Poonam began tweeting, the responses began pouring in, which made Bipasha Basu trend on Twitter.

Bips didn’t react to Poonam’s Twitter antics but did issue a clarification. “I did nt want 2 generalise ppl at all! Some random experiences of my life, thts it!..I’ve max. no. of male friends! It’s sad tht I hve to justify this! It ws nt a generalised statement (sic),” tweeted Bipasha.