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Urvashi Goel
July 18, 2012
Our scriptures say God is kind, merciful and supports all creatures on this earth. He is the sustainer and protector of all. Many a time, we think that we have no one to help us. We are wrong because the invisible hand of God is always there to help us.

Here is a true story. A young widow in Amritsar used to do petty jobs to bring up her two little sons. Once she fell sick and remained confined to bed for a number of days. Whatever little she had stored for the rainy days was over and even arranging one-time meal for her children became a problem.

One day when the pangs of hunger had broken down the children, they went crying to their mother, “Ma, hunger is unbearable, please do something.” She took them in her lap and said, “It is God who gives food to all. You ask Him, He’d definitely respond to your prayer.”

The children took a piece of  paper and wrote down their request. Thinking that the postman would carry their letter to the Almighty, they went to the nearby letterbox but were not able to reach its opening due to their short stature.

One wealthy person, who was going on his routine morning walk, was drawn to this spectacle. Having understood their problem, he went to them and said, “Give this to me, I will put it inside.” He took the letter from them, but when he saw that the letter was addressed to God, he became curious and read the contents. He understood everything and told them that till such time they were not on their feet, he’d take  care of their food and education.

God takes care of all. Our Shastras say we should  seek refuse in the Supreme and trust Him. Even in the worst of crisis when we see no escape, His light will continue to shine on us.

But the point is one should never feel alone and hopeless  in times of adversity; His invisible being is always there to give a helping hand.