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Washington, July 27, 2012
Kristen Stewart will be writing a letter of apology to ask forgiveness from Rupert Sander’s wife Liberty Ross for having an affair with her husband. The Twilight star plans to say how sorry she is in a private note to Ross, after omitting the British model from the public apology that she released on Wednesday.

http://www.hindustantimes.com/Images/Popup/2012/7/kristen-rob-rupert-usweekly.jpg“Kristen didn’t feel it was appropriate to issue a public apology to Liberty once the story of her affair with Rupert broke,” Radar Online quoted a source close to the situation as saying.

“Instead, she’s going to do the decent thing and write Liberty a private letter expressing her deepest regret for her actions. She was thinking of including Liberty, Rupert and the kids in her public apology but Kristen was so desperate to save her relationship with Rob she decided to concentrate on that first.

“Kristen feels she made a terribly naive mistake and will do anything to make amends. The fact that Liberty and Rupert have two kids has now dawned on her and she feels awful for what she did,” the source added.