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Hindustan Times
New Delhi, August 02, 2012
Says actor Anushka Sharma, who denies dating anyone from the industry  Many may question actor Anushka Sharma’s acting abilities but the diva is certain that she knows her job. In conversation with Hindustan Times’ film critic Anupama Chopra, Anushka talks about her acting. “As an actor you should work with any style. If you do not have any pre conceived notion then, you can. I am a person who is constantly in a state of self doubt. It works in my favour, I accept changes,” says Anushka on Chopra’s talk show The Front Row.
The conversation steers to her style of acting and Anushka comments, “I cannot rehearse beyond certain times after that it becomes mechanic. ” She further adds, “I never feel that my scene has gone right. I remember while shooting for Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola, I use to always go to Vishal Bharadwaj and complain about the scene. I was surprised when everyone told me that Band Baaja Baraat was very good.”

Anushka, who has been linked to various co-stars, denies dating anyone from Bollywood. “It is very difficult to date someone from Bollywood. Maybe my idea of a man is not that of an actor.” She adds, “There can be only one actor in a relationship; two people can’t share the same mirror. I do not want to date a man who looks in the mirror or who has a face wash in the bathroom. I want to go on a date then I do not want someone who says I can’t eat because I am dieting,” she said. She says of her project PK with actor Aamir Khan, “PK is the best script I have heard ever, I was crying when I heard the script. I have never seen the script visually so clearly after narration.”