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Khushdeep Bansal
August 08, 2012
If we are in pain, it indicates that the direction of our karma (action) is incorrect. Pain occurs when we move away from our core desire and take the wrong path.

For example, we are in Jaipur and we have to travel to Delhi. If we travel towards Mumbai, our consciousness will tell us that we are going in the wrong direction. And our consciousness will make us have the feeling of anxiety or restlessness, which is another form of pain.

The same rule applies to the human body also. If it gets hurt at any point (any organ), or if some foreign particle or infection enters the body, then the body has its own defence mechanism to get ready. It will first create a layer around that particle or infection; secondly, abscess (pus) formation will take place, which will throw the infection out.

The formation of pus and the pain or trouble is an indication that something is wrong here. The body intelligence works to drive it away. This can be termed as the karma of body – removal of foreign particles.

When we are in the right direction, with all actions focused on  manifesting our core desire and living the ‘purpose of life’, we are happy and we enjoy our lives. Then the rest of the world becomes immaterial, things keep happening.

It could be anyone, a foreman working on his machine, an engineer designing and putting his machinery parts together or a singer singing.

Patanjali said that any activity of life can become meditation if you are aware of it. Even simply looking at the face of our beloved person can be meditation.

The real purpose of life on this planet is living it in such a way that you lose the sense of time and be immersed in the present moment. Then you will feel ecstasy; you slip into the state of deep meditation where your mind is free from all thoughts and there is no sense of time.

(Edited extracts from the writer’s book, Purpose Of Life)