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Rochelle Pinto, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, August 09, 2012
First, they said she would wed in October. Then, rumours spread that her marriage to actor beau Saif Ali Khan was delayed, called off, and then, happening in Copa Cabana… Ask the bride-to-be herself, and she asks with a grin, “What if we’re already married and nobody knew? I could have been married for years and not told a soul.”

Kareena Kapoor admits Saif has been dodging public events to avoid questions on the shaadi of the year, adding, “It’s sad, my marriage has become a national joke. The wedding’s on, but beyond a point, I don’t think my fans or media need to know more.”

Having your every move followed on national news could drive any sane individual crazy, and the leading lady is no exception. “Other people can walk in and out of films, drop people from their lives, and nobody says anything. I do anything, and it’s all over the news channels and Twitter. It’s nice to be so important, but sometimes I feel like saying, ‘back off!”

Now focusing her attention on her upcoming magnum opus, Madhur Bhandarkar’s Heroine, the actor insists that she’s prepared even if the film fails. “In my career, there’s been so much failure, that I don’t think anybody is better prepared for it than me. But while this movie (Heroine) is not flawless, I know that it will be a success. I’ve seen the film’s rushes and I’ve never looked this good.”

Kareena walked for Kallol Datta at the Lakme Fashion Week

On Tuesday, at the Grand Finale of Lakme Fashion Week, Kareena walked the ramp wearing designs by Kallol Datta and Pankaj & Nidhi. The veteran showstopper admits it was a huge departure from her usual style, saying, “I didn’t wear a typical sari or a regular dress. It was something bizarre and dramatic. My personal style tends more towards comfort wear.” Ask if she stuck to any special diet to stay slim for the show and she answers in the negative, adding, “Lakme signed me on to be a star, not a model.”


Insecure Kareena
Kareena Kapoor has reportedly decided to delay the wedding to sign on some meaty projects. Mumbai Mirror reported: "According to sources, the actress, whose Heroine is set to release on her birthday, September 21, believes she is at her career-peak. She has signed on a few other big banner projects, one of them with younger Imran Khan and she is not prepared to concede any ground to her rivals who are hot at her heels."

"Especially after Bhansali's biting remark that "no married heroine" can be his Juliet, Kareena and Saif decided, it was better to focus on her career right now. In fact, sources close to the couple say they were concerned that the wedding may alter the quality of projects offered to her. And Saif, being the understanding partner that he is, did not want her to compromise," a source told the tabloid.

Saif Ali Khan is on the same page as Kareena. He's also giving preference to his career now post the success of Cocktail.

Non-commital Saif
The actor told Mid Day, "I can't confirm the date right now. Probably a couple of months down the line, I would speak to you about it. Right now it's only Cocktail, and I want to keep my professional and personal life separate."

In an interview to HT he had said: "I haven't fixed a date for my wedding! I'm yet to meet Kareena's parents to sort out the date ... the venue is also not finalised," says the actor, maintaining the obvious: It's going to be a year-end wedding."

The denial had come soon after Sharmila announced the wedding date. We wonder, why Saif and Sharmila didn't discuss in advance about the announcement.

Clueless Soha
When asked about her brother's wedding date, this is what Soha had to say: "I am quite confused myself. I know it is happening with the people in question, but they haven't set the date or talked about it," Soha told a daily recently, adding, "I think it is happening imminently."

Interestingly, it was Soha, who had let the cat out of the bag last year. She had said: "They (Saif and Kareena) have been together for quite some time now and their relationship has grown. I can hardly wait for the wedding next year. There will be a number of functions and I am very excited about what to wear."

The announcement
Confirming that Saif will wed Kareena on October 16, Sharmila Tagore had said: "Yes, that's the date we have decided upon. There will be a reception, too, but not a very big one."

After the reports of Saif denying the October 16 wedding emerged, Sharmila said in an interview to Mid-Day that her busy son will have to take out time from his shooting schedules as the date has been finalised by her once and for all, and there's no getting away. She said it was a 'warning' for him.

Soha Ali Khan and Sharmila Tagore


Now, a new wedding location for Saif-Kareena
They are one of Bollywood's hottest couples. And naturally, ever since Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor announced plans of getting married, everyone's been asking them the same things: when and where. So far, the drama has had a few amusing twists and turns. Now, Saif just seems to be in the mood to joke when asked the question. The latest name he's thrown into the fray is Copacabana. IS THE DATE FINAL?

Saif, Kareena to have a December wedding in Maldives
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Dilly dallying: When is Saif-Kareena's wedding
Saif Ali Khan's mother Sharmila Tagore confirmed that his wedding with Kareena Kapoor will take place on October 16 but now sister Soha Ali Khan says the date hasn't been decided yet. Saif too seconds his sister. DIFFERENT VERSIONS INSIDE

Saif-Kareena to tie the knot in London?
After a change in date, Saif-Kareena's wedding will apparently see a change in venue too. The couple has reportedly decided to get married in London, instead of Pataudi, reports Mid Day. REPORT INSIDE

Why Saif isn't confirming his wedding date
It's been a while since his mother and sisters confirmed an October 16 wedding, but actor Saif Ali Khan still says no date has been decided upon. Is it to save fiancee Kareena Kapoor from Bollywood's married-actress jinx that has made many leading ladies lose their career after they got hitched? MORE INSIDE

I don't want to make a big deal of my wedding: Saif Ali Khan
Having just finished a gruelling outdoor shoot in Istanbul for Race 2, Saif Ali Khan is back in Mumbai, promoting his new film Cocktail and planning his wedding with Kareena Kapoor. Even though Cocktail releases this Friday, he doesn't seem nervous. "The indications are positive. I'm more curious than anxious," says Saif, who spared time on a rainy Saturday afternoon to answer some questions for HT Café. INTERVIEW INSIDE

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