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Agence France-Presse
August 13, 2012
Sure, Skyrim's got mounted combat, but who cares about that? Especially when you're part of the Lord of the Rings Online team, which has horse-borne warfare coming in its September expansion Riders of Rohan. The latest trailer for Lord of the Rings Online: Riders of Rohan is a developer diary called 'War-steeds,' reminding us that these battle beasts will be customizable, and will progress in strength and speed as the players themselves do.

Previous trailers for the expansion have looked at how mounted combat will work, and how the team is seeking to achieve visual and aural consistency with Tolkien's original vision.

Aside from single player Skyrim's recent deployment of equine conflict as PC and Xbox 360 updates, the Mount & Blade series became well known for blending multiplayer mounted combat with infantry skirmishes in 2010's Mount & Blade: Warband, while the Dynasty Warriors games have been drafting in Chinese warhorses since Dynasty Warriors 2 a dozen years ago.