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New footage featuring director Sam Mendes and actor Daniel Craig sharing their experience of shooting James Bond's latest franchise Skyfall in London. The featurette shows the city in a new light.

The clip begins with characteristic shots of the Big Ben and the streets of London as the iconic theme music of James Bond plays in the background. In the clip, Mendes gets nostalgic about the time he spent in London. Talking of his constraints, Mendes notes, "I think the most difficult thing about shooting in London is to try and find a way of shooting it, it's not a particularly photogenic city."

SkyfallCraig added that Bond "opens a few doors," implying that the filmmakers had to obtain access to sites that would normally be off-limits to tourists and movie cameras. The 44-year-old actor revealed that they got the chance to close down White Hall, use a lot of Underground, even closing down a few Tube stations.

The footage shows the behind-the-scenes actions of what went into the filming of Bond in London. Dame Judi Dench, who plays M, adds," I think it's very exciting if you actually do go out...and shoot the real thing."

"Sam and I wanted to make it British," Craig says in the featurette, which includes a glimpse at a harrowing car chase. "And it's not some flag-waving thing that either one of us is interested in. It's just about basing Bond in Britain."

Skyfall lands in theaters on November 9.


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