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Rashid Irani, Hindustan Times
August 24, 2012
First released back in 2003, the fifth feature from the massively popular animation studio, Pixar, is back on the big screen with even more glorious in 3D. Its a story of a deepwater fish daddy desperate to protect his only spawn. The rebellious offspring is whisked away to be imprisoned in a waiting-room aquarium at a sadistic dentist’s clinic.

In an aquatic treat, the chase is on as the distraught dad, accompanied by a ditzy surgeonfish (DeGeneres) prone to lapses in short-term memory, embark on a rescue mission. Meanwhile, young Nemo and his fellow fishnapping victims finalise their own plans for a great escape. Debutant writer-director Andrew Stanton, crams the feel-good fable with wondrous visuals while ensuring that the life lessons are schmaltz-free.