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New Delhi, August 28, 2012
We all watched and very well remember the video of veteran actor Dharmendra losing his temper at the media at his daughter Esha Deol's wedding.

The actor, who is known to be a little too touchy about the issue of his estranged sons Sunny and Bobby, is plagued by the paparazzi about it all too often.

At the wedding too, he was rather upset that the media was more interested in the absence of his sons rather than the happy occasion.

However, now, to avoid more such videos from happening and becoming viral on the web, Salman Khan has given a piece of advice to the senior actor. According to a daily, the Tiger Khan said to Garam Dharam, "Don't entertain them (the media), ignore them."

Of course, Salman would have the solution to answering such awkard questions, after all, who else gets into so many controversies!