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September 02, 2012
The world record for the largest cappuccino ever made was set by Croatian baristas on Saturday in Zagreb. A total of 2012 litres of cappucino were prepared in little more than three hours.

1000 baristas from all over the country gathered in Zagreb to operate 22 coffee machines installed on a public stage at Zagreb main square, Reuters reports.

‘In total there are about 1000 baristas are here. A thousand people, really, who do this job every day, who make cappuccinos every single day, and they are certainly good at this. What is also interesting is that we make cappuccinos by the book, so – one third espresso, one third milk foam – I mean warm milk, sorry – and one third milk foam. So each and every cappuccino here is made exactly how it should be,’ manager at Julius Meinl Group, Marko Crnogorac, told Reuters.

The event was sponsored by the Austria-based Julius Meinl Coffee company, as a way of commemorating 150 years of its existence.

A previous record was claimed by 80 baristas in Prague who had made 2,117 litres of cappuccino. However, the Croatian attempt is the first officially certified record by the Guinness World Records.