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Aditi Pant, Hindustan Times
September 07, 2012
Author: Shamik Dasgupta
Publishing House: Rovolt Entertainment
Price: Rs. 150  

The comic book revolves around a planet called Aveon 9 that has been inhabited by Humans, who have managed to establish their dominance over it. But, they have made quite a few enemies along the way. Also, the human kingdom has been divided into three warring factions — Vexadus, Naugra and Chunargh. The story weaves many sub plots about the natives residing on the planet in question such as the Gnorms, Eyars. But, since this is the first book in the series, only the Human conquest and their relationship with Gnorms and Eyars has been explored.

The graphic detailing holds a lot of importance in this comic and thankfully, the book does not disappoint the reader. The graphics are done beautifully and the characters are etched out well. The visual detailing of each character has been done well but the same cannot be said about the story.

Though, the story is intriguing and holds a lot of promise, the journey ‘to achieve peaceful co-existence on the planet’ just about begins in this part and will perhaps flesh out well in the subsequent issues of the series. Go for this one if you are a comic junkie with a taste for visual detailing and rich graphics. But the story leaves you wanting for more.