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Press Trust of India , Hindustan Times
Washington, September 08, 2012
California governor Edmund Brown has signed into law the two legislations protecting the rights of the Sikhs in the State and including information about the religion in high school curriculum. One of the legislations updates the California high school curriculum so that every student in the state learns about the about the history, tradition and theology of Sikhism and California Sikhs. The other legislation clarifies the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) to ensure that employees receive equal protection under law, specifically protecting religious observances such as the turban, hijab and yarmulke.

The governor's office said that Brown gave remarks and signed both the legislations at the North American Punjabi Association's peace and unity rally on Saturday, held to celebrate religious coexistence and recognise the victims of the Sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin.

"Both bills represent landmark achievements that will increase protections for all religious observers in the workplace and expand awareness of the 100-year history of Sikhs in California," said Balbir Dhillon, president of the Sacramento gurdwara management.