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Gurinder Gill, Hindustan Times
New York, September 09, 2012
An Indo-American kick boxer Jasjeet Walia killed another man at a gas station after a heated discussion over the latter calling him a Talibani.
The argument started over a broken ATM machine at a gas station in Long Island City , where Jasjeet works. Police said the deceased 28-year-old Oscar Arzeno was the first to start the fight and he threw the first punch but he had chosen a wrong guy as gas attendant Jasjeet Walia,who is trained in martial arts, returned blows.

Arzeno later died in the hospital.

The deceased was trying to get money out of the ATM machine and when he couldn't get money out, he started the war of words that turned ugly, said commissioner of police Ray Kelly.

Arzeno was found unconscious and unresponsive at the scene. When the officers reached the spot, they saw Oscar Arzeno lying unconscious and unresponsive on the pavement of Van Dam Street, police said.

Walia, who was questioned and released, says he was defending himself and claims Arzeno appeared to be intoxicated and repeatedly called him a talibani.

The pump owner , who is relative of Jasjeet Walia alleged that  Arzeno went outside near the pumps and began chasing away the customers and at one point Arzeno ripped out a pump and hose and tried to hit him with it.

"I feel bad. I didn't mean for the guy to die. He called me a Talibani," said Jasjeet Walia, who was released from custody last night after being grilled by cops all day.

Surveillance video from the Long Island City Gulf station on Van Dam Street also shows Arzeno punching Walia in the eye after a heated argument. Walia then throws a combination of punches before delivering a roundhouse kick to the head. The fight spills out into the street, where Walia knocks Arzeno to the ground and gets him in a chokehold.