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Hindustan Times
New Delhi, September 12, 2012
The 2012 Hindustan Times-C fore Top Schools Survey gave scores to each school across 14 different parameters, from academic rigour to sports. Here is a list of schools ranked in the Top Ten in east Delhi

1 Ahlcon International School, Mayur Vihar Multimedia computers in each classroom up to primary, an activity centre with complete educational facilities including a language lab for English and German —  students have it good here.

Website: www.ahlconinternational.in

Phone 011-47770777

Nursery fee Rs. 56,520 per annum

Ratings: It has the highest score in ‘value for money’, ‘competence of teachers’ & ‘extra curricular activities'.

2 Salwan Public School, Mayur Vihar

The school has two well-equipped computer labs, with internet and e-mail facilities. Its Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences & Biology labs are equipped with state-of-the-art equipments.

Website www.spsmayurvihar.com

Phone 011-22614169

Nursery fee Rs. 31,460 per annum

Ratings: It has topped in ‘sports’, ‘innovative teaching’ and ‘individual attention to students’ categories.

3 Ahlcon Public School, Mayur Vihar

The school library has more than 20,000 books; six science labs; a language lab with 20 stations, 40 sets of head phones and video facilities plus an activity-oriented learning centre.

Website  www.ahlconschool.net

Phone 011-22750565

Nursery fee Rs. 48,360 per annum

Ratings: The school has the highest score on the ‘social accountability’ parameter.

4 Shaheed Rajpal DAV Public School, dayanand vihar

The campus area of the school is two acres. It has a huge library storing 27,350 books;  a 100-seater auditorium and two playgrounds. Other pluses - a gym, cricket ground, karate workshops.

Website www.davdayanandvihar.net

Phone 011-22372300

Nursery fee Rs. 51,580 per annum

Ratings: The school has the second- highest ‘teacher care and development’ & ‘life skills education’ scores.

5 DAV Public School, sreshtha vihar

The school is equipped with up-to-date science labs, computer labs, art and craft Rooms, music and dance rooms, a library and reading room and a physical fitness centre.

Website www.dav-sreshtha.com

Phone 011-22144102

Nursery fee Rs. 36,120 per annum

Ratings: The school has the second highest score in ‘academic rigour’ and does well on ‘value for money’.

6 Ryan International, Mayur Vihar

This school has sports facilities in every discipline - basketball, netball, football, cricket. It also has many active clubs that focus on activities such as waste management, film making, e-journalism.

Website www.ryanmayurvihar.com

Phone 011-22612036

Nursery fee Rs. 39,060 per annum

Ratings: The school has done well in ‘infrastructure and facilities’ and has the second-highest ‘sports’ score.

7 Somerville School, vasundhara enclave

The schoool’s clubs help in fostering the creativity of students, beyond academics. Different clubs offer courses in cooking, embroidery, Taekwondo, Sudoku and contemporary dance.

Website: www.somervillevasundhara.in

Phone 011-22618178

Nursery fee Rs. 52,100 per annum

Ratings: The school has done well in ‘safety and hygiene’, ‘life skills education’ & ‘value system’ parameters.

8 ASN Senior Secondary School

A remarkable feature of this school is the state-of-the-art laboratories. The computer labs have facilities like LCD, OHP, wide-screen TV attachments and cordless to facilitate effective teaching.

Website www.asnschool.in

Phone 011-22713040

Nursery fee Rs. 43,530 per annum

Ratings: The school has done well on the ‘infrastucture and facilities’ and ‘safety and hygiene’ parameters.

8 Amity International, Mayur Vihar*

The school has a library of its own. It has 10,000 books , out of which 2,500 are reference books and encyclopedias. The school also has a  spacious playground where students play cricket, basket ball, skate.

Website: www.amity.edu

Phone 011-22717261

Nursery fee: Not Available

Ratings: Tied at eight place, the school has done well in the ‘academic rigour’ and ‘innovative teaching’ categories.

10 Mother Teresa Public School

The school has a multipurpose hall and the latest apparatus in its science laboratories. The school also hosts regular workshops by non-governmental organisations.

Website: www.mtps.com

Phone: 011-22527200

Nursery fee Rs. 35,000 per annum

Ratings: The school scores well in the ‘individual attention to students’ & ‘safety and hygiene’categories.