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September 14, 2012
Just days after Sergey Brin and designer Diane von Furstenberg walked the ramp wearing augmented reality-enhanced Google Glass, Google has released a short film shot through the eyewear. The fashion designer tried on Glass for the first time a few months ago at a conference that she attended with Sergey Brin. She immediately loved it and they agreed to bring Glass to New York Fashion Week.

DVF's team took advantage of Glass's recording capabilities to make a short film about the show. The film, which is narrated by Furstenberg herself, takes viewers to pre-show fittings, backstage and down the runway in a little under four minutes. ", reports Mashable.

During the fashion show models sported the hi-tech glasses and walked the ramp.  Google Glasses are touted as the gadget of the future with features such hands-free camera, video calling, text notifications and navigation. 

"All the footage you see here was filmed using only Glass, Google's latest technology that lets you capture moments from a unique, new perspective. See what happens when fashion and technology come together like you've never seen before", Google posted below the Youtube video.

To see DVF through Glass, check out the video below: