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New York, September 17, 2012
A new phone application named LifeLine Response will now help in alarming friends, family and law enforcement officials if you're being sexually assaulted on a date. This app, which is basically marketing itself to women who date online, is priced at 3.99 dollars for a 45-day trial, and is available for the iPhone and Android.

Lifeline Response allows users to set up an alert system that dials up personal contacts and 911.

This app has MTV's April Rose, a Maxim model, as it's celebrity spokesperson, who revealed her own experience of being assaulted by an acquaintance on a date when she was 17.

"You can't understand sexual assault fully unless you've lived it," the New York Post quoted Rose as saying.

"It's like describing what love is: You can't do it unless you've experienced it," she added.

The app's alarm goes off at a preset time if the user hasn't canceled it, and after seven seconds, an audible alarm goes off, warning the assaulter that help is on its way, the paper said.