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Arpita Kala
September 18, 2012
Author: Anjali Joseph
Price: Rs. 499
Published by: HarperCollins Twenty-something-year-old Leela Ghosh, the impassive protagonist of Anjali Joseph’s second novel Another Country, moves from England to France to India and back to England, trying to seek something that eludes the reader till the end.

As she sifts through her friends, lovers and jobs, Leela’s nonchalance, lack of ambition and her quirks such as smoking in the ‘right’ way or switching cities after romantic failure either grow on you or leave you wondering— what does she want?

Notably the somewhat serious interludes in her dispassionate life were courtesy her boyfriends— a posh dinner with her English beau Richard’s friend and his family where she faced subtle racism and the other being her meetings with her Indian lover, Vikram's catty yet cool mother, whose elitist comments manage to ruffle Leela's feathers. Another Country can be passed of as a charmed biography of impassive adolescents, who struggle to cope with young adulthood with a deadpan face.