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New Delhi, September 30, 2012
After distancing himself from a group led by Arvind Kejriwal that announced launching of a political party, anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare on Sunday fired a fresh salvo at his former aides. The Kejriwal group, Hazare said, had not responded to his questions on how to present a political alternative to the people in the fight against corruption. He also dubbed the path of politics as one "full of dirt".

Two days back, in a blog, Hazare wrote that the anti-corruption group split due to "politics" within.

"I did not give an alternative. When I was told that an alternative has to be given, I said it is a good idea but I asked them to answer my 5-6 questions. But I did not get answers," he said.

Kejriwal, however, said Hazare backed out from what was the anti-corruption crusader idea to form a political party.

In an interview to Tehelka magazine, Kejriwal said, a prominent television personality convinced Hazare to go political.

"Anna liked what he (television personality) said. He called me after the meeting... he asked me what I thought... I asked Anna for a little time. After two three days I told Anna I agreed with him."