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Hindustan Times
September 30, 2012
The school education in India took a challenge to move away from the traditional form of learning. Best brains in Central Board of Secondary Education, (CBSE) are at work to ensure that Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) is successful. Vineet Joshi, CBSE chairman spoke to HT on a range of issues. Excerpts:
CBSE is adopting new methods as it continues to play a crucial role in the education system. What are the new challenges?
CBSE continuously experiments to improve education system. For instance Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) programme. It was introduced in 2009 and has done well. There are a few areas that need to be fine tuned and can be done in an organised manner. For the success of CCE, we require 100% commitment, from schools, teacher, parents and stakeholders. Teachers understand CCE but parents have to support teachers.

Has grading system become better over marking system that existed prior to 2009?
We find that merits of grading system far outweigh the demerits, if any. There is a challenge of replacing marks with grades in a system which has been primarily marks oriented and dominated.
The perceptions will change once stakeholders understand the merits and appreciate them.
In August, you joined hands with Pearson Foundation, a private foreign education company. How will this help CBSE?
We have signed a MoU to form a centre for assessment, evaluation, and research. This will evaluate CBSE's examination system, undertake research on schemes implemented and those to be implemented and also develop research based resources to help teachers.

Early this year, you unveiled a vision plan for the year 2012. Can you elaborate on that?
It is not a vision but activities that schools should strictly follow and implement the guidelines set by CBSE. The CBSE has a monitoring system and an effective mechanism to monitor it. You may call it a vision, because we want all stakeholders to be part of the process. For example, this year we plan to introduce 'Sports Journalism' and have assessed the vocational course on 'Fitness and Gym Operations' at the +2 level.

You mentioned about importance of every stakeholder's role. Parents are one of them. They seem confused with CCE?
There is no confusion. Parents are aware of CCE. However, their involvement in school and their child's affairs has to be more, as it would be beneficial for harnessing the full potential of CCE system. We have told the heads of schools to have interactions with parents on a regular basis. Schools should utilise the vast resource of parent interactions for quality enhancement of schools.

Is CCE the best system?
As I have already said, CBSE regularly evaluates its system. We have launched CCE and is doing well. There is system in place for evaluating performance. CBSE is always receptive to new ideas and suggestions to make education robust and effective.