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Swami Kriyananda, Hindustan Times
September 30, 2012
We're at a point in our society today where we're beginning to slough off old ways of thinking and enter into a new age. What defines this age? Essentially, it is the discovery at the beginning of this century that matter is energy, and that subtle realities exist beyond the reach of our senses. I don't think people realise even yet the depth to which that discovery has taken us already, and is bound to take us in the future.

 Once St. Francis of Assisi met a blind beggar woman along the road. She couldn't see that he was even poorer than she was, and asked him for money. Feeling badly that he had no money to give, Francis gave her the one thing he did have—his Bible. Later, he felt the loss of his Bible, and prayed, “God, I've given away your Word.” A voice within him replied, “Francis, my Word is in your heart.” That's where truth has to be. It has to be something we understand from within, not just something we read, or quote, from a platform.

This is a principle that will work for anybody if he will use them. It wouldn't work if this world was only a material one, and matter was the bedrock reality. But there's a subtler reality that is the basis of matter and of which itself is just an expression.

How to get back to that bedrock reality? French philosopher Descartes said, “I think, therefore, I am.” This is a false assumption. The truth is, “I am, therefore, I think.” This is the one point of departure for all human understanding. This simple intuition—I am—is the central fact of your being. When you reach that point of emptiness, not blankness but emptiness, then suddenly you discover that the source of “I am” is bliss. You understand that this is the thing worth living for.

 People tell you there's no God, but I know that ‘I am’ can never be taken from me.