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Amrita U Kadam, Hindustan Times
Indore, October 06, 2012
Watch television, go to movies, spa treat, eat out, go clubbing are some of the several things people do to take a break from work and come back with fresh, innovative ideas. But students of IIM-I are opting for a very different way this year to shrug off their stress. This November the students of Indian Institute of Management, Indore would head to Himalayas for an 'insight'. The basic thought behind the Himalayan programme is to give them time to introspect, unwind their thoughts and get in touch with their inner-self.

The students would also indulge in treasure hunts where they would be given tasks to complete and destinations to reach in the limited time and resources given to them.

This would be the third year in a row that IIM, Indore would take its second year PGP students to the higher altitudes of Himalayas.

"These activities would help us learn the art of crisis management, handling unforeseen events, strategic management and team building," said Ninad Bhangle, PGP second year student who would attend the programme this year.

Starting last year, the organisers of the programme have attributed four credit points to this journey of the total 60 credits making it mandatory for the students to attend. They feel that this would also help them in understanding their abilities and working on their weaknesses.

Coordinator of the Himalayan programme professor, Srinivas Gunta, told HT, "In the last two years we have observed that these students get a better understanding and clarity of thoughts when they are taken to these higher altitudes. Game is just a part of the overall activity. What really helps them is that they stop thinking about everything else and just focus on themselves and get time to introspect."

Also they get time to relax and they get time to spend together. It is a good break from the routine activities.

Last year they had gone for trekking, river crossing, rafting etc, to Nainital, Dalhousie, Manali and Mussourie and stayed in hotels. But this year they plan to go little out of their comfort zone and plan to camp at three remote and undisclosed locations which would be at the height of 10 thousand to 12 thousand feet above the sea level and will have a base camp at Nanital 6000 feet above the sea level.

"After the trip we have seen students to be at peace and their thoughts are processed. Though just a week isn't enough but still it helps them become well rounded individuals," said Gunta.