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Hindustan Times
New Delhi, October 07, 2012
Trust Kalki Koechlin to speak her mind. While many may find her sexy in this picture, the actor disagrees: “I look like a waitress at an old American diner,” and holding up an imaginary tray, she added with pouted lips: “Would ya lahy-ke some aah-pel pah?”, before bursting into giggles.

The self-confessed ‘funny’ actor is mostly seen playing ‘dark’ roles on the silver screen, and Kalki says she doesn’t have a choice.

“That’s all I’m offered! I don’t mean to be dark. I only get scripts where I get raped or something sinister or sexual happens to me,” Kalki said in an interview to GQ India, for its latest issue.

The actor isn’t opposed to glamorous roles. “For my next film, with Dharma Productions, even when I wake up, I have makeup on. It’s easy to be intense... (but) dancing and looking pretty is a whole other ball game,” said Kalki, who has ‘inactively’ challenged the image of Bollywood’s perfect blue-eyed belle. What she hopes to change is Hindi film industry’s ‘hypocritical way of looking at women’. “I’d be in freakin’ garters, yet, to make it big, I’m supposed to look virginal!,” she said.