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Satinder Pal Singh, Hindustan Times
Patiala, October 07, 2012
Two new machines intended to provide better academic facilites to the deaf, blind and dumb were launched at the Safidipur Society for Welfare of the Handicapped on Saturday.
Punjabi University vice-chancellor Dr Jaspal Singh inaugurated two machines, the Read it Wand and PACMATE.

'Read it Wand' is a portable stand with a camera. The equipment takes a photo of the book kept under it and then reads it aloud to the students. Its style of talking, speed and other parameters can all be controlled. With this, blind students can read their syllabus books all by themselves.

The second equipment is PACMATE. This equipment is for the deaf blind (loss of hearing, speech and vision).

Using this equipment, the deaf and the blind can read the book in Braille language on their own. PACMATE also works using the Read it Wand. It converts the output of Read it Wand into Braille. The total cost of the equipment is Rs. 2.5 lakh.