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Kavita Awaasthi, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, October 09, 2012
With two shows in hand - FIR with Kavita Kaushik and an extended cameo in Honge Juda Na Hum (HJNH) - Aamir Ali's happy with where his career's heading. Here, he also admits that wife Sanjeeda Shaikh's popularity makes him happy.

Does it irk you that Sab TV's comedy, FIR, is known as Kavita Kaushik's show?
FIR was always about a female cop, and Kavita's been doing it for six years now. I entered the show only a year-and-a-half ago. I can't demand that the show ride on my name. I took it on as I had never done a comedy show before.

Your entry in HJNH was seen as a surprise, but neither has the show worked nor has your character got prominence.
My entry was a surprise for the audience, but the story is about the protagonists. I appeared in the first few episodes and now, next week onwards, you will see more of me. Nevertheless, my role in HJNH is a cameo, which has been extended now. As for TRPs, I don't understand them.

People believe that your wife Sanjeeda is more popular than you.
I am happy if she's more popular than me. She is happy for my success, just as I am for hers. You don't get jealous of the person you love. We both have our own space. We haven't changed after marriage.

When do you intend to start a family?
After two years.

After I Hate Luv Stories (IHLS), you waited for film offers but didn't sign any. What happened?
Between IHLS and FIR, there was a gap of a couple of months. I'm not dying to do films. I want to do good work - be it in films or on TV. I am in touch with Mr (Karan) Johar and Punit's (Malhotra, director) a good friend. If they have any good role for me, they'll get in touch.

On TV, popular stars are like flavour of the season. Do you agree?
That might be the case with newbies; not seasoned actors. TV gives a break to talented actors. For movies, you need to be really lucky or have a godfather in the industry.