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Agence France-Presse
October 10, 2012
Social media site Twitter has been undergoing changes over the past 12 months. Could video hosting be the next change? Sources close to technology site All Things D claim Twitter is contemplating its own video-hosting technology that would allow its users to upload video directly through a mobile app, cutting out third parties.

The potential move is seen as a way of further improving the site's user experience and of making Twitter's services even more appealing to advertisers as well as taking more control of how its content is used. For instance, the social media site recently moved photo hosting in-house.

Hosting video on Twitter is becoming more popular but, as All Things D highlights, the majority of video shared on Twitter is still via a link from a video sharing site such as YouTube and so far it is not clear if this activity would be halted or blocked as a result of of a new video hosting service.