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Mumbai, October 12, 2012
Aiyyaa Boredom vulgarpum
Hours before the film releases and a day before the reviews appear, here’s what you can expect from this week’s release(s)… Director
Sachin Kundalkar The Marathi filmmaker has won two National Awards — as a director for Nirop (2007) and a writer for Gandha (2009). This film marks his Bollywood debut as a director.

Amit Trivedi
Though the soundtrack received positive reviews, and the track ‘Dreamum wakepum’ has been appreciated for its
entertaining lyrics, it doesn’t take long to get on your nerves. And if you’re watching the video with it, then the effect is almost instantaneous.  

A statement in the promo — “mujhe kale ladke pasand hai” (I like dark-skinned men) — sparked off some criticism about racism. Some tabloids attempted insinuating that the film’s male lead has been ‘ignored’ in the promotion, but Prithviraj busted those rumours soon enough.

Since the film revolves around the lead’s
marriage, Rani Mukerji went all out to declare that she hadn’t secretly married Aditya Chopra. She also shouldered the responsibility of this “woman centric film” and called it a risky project. A song attempts to pay ‘tribute’ to Bollywood in the film too.

Our assessment
It’s tough for those who remember Rani from her previous films to not cringe at the first look of this one. ‘Thigh’ on
vulgarity and ‘no’ on humour, the song ‘Dreamum wakepum’ should be enough to grant this film a B-certificate. Rani must rely on her fans for this one; the promos don’t give us a reason to spend our money.
—Compiled by Serena Menon

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