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Aditi Pant, Hindustan Times
October 18, 2012
Book: Wrong Means Right End
Author: Varsha Dixit
Publisher: Rupa
Price: Rs. 140

There are certain unspoken rules of chick lit — the protagonist should be a zesty female with a less-than-easy love life, there must be a tall, dark and smouldering fella who falls heads over heels for our fiery girl, a faithful pal around the corner and of course the complications of relationships as the backdrop. Varsha Dixit’s latest book, a sequel to her debut novel, Right Fit Wrong Shoe, has all these ingredients whipped in a good mix.

The book’s protagonist, Sneha, is a divorced single mother, who with the help of her best friend, is able to move past her unhappy marriage and raises her son in Mumbai. Her matchmaker friend keeps trying to set her up, but with little success. A string of incidents later, Sneha meets a man from her past who she despises, but gradually comes to love.

Though the book’s premise is not entirely new, the characters and incidents provide enough meat to make it a page-turner. The book is littered with liberal use of slang, but in most places, it’s not jarring. The characters have enough depth to keep the story layered and intriguing. Some sub-plots in the later half, though, could have been shortened to keep the pace of the novel. But these flaws aside, the book is an interesting read and has many heartening moments.