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Shrishty Mishra, Hindustan Times
Indore, October 24, 2012
As Dussehra, festival symbolising victory of good over evil, culminates on Wednesday with the burning of effigies of demon king Ravana, the effigy makers have tried to bring creativeness to this age-old practice by touching people's chord. So, this year get ready to burn Ravana's effigy symbolising foreign direct investment (FDI), Swine, inflation and many more.

In every corner of the city people will see Ravan representing one or another social evil. Price rise is one of the evils for society. Taking the same as theme people will witness Ravana dahan at two places Sathya Sai Square and Kalani Nagar.
The Ravana at Sathya Sai square will be representing rapid growing prices petrol and diesel. Ravana at Kalani nagar will represent the inflation. Its eyes will change colour and it will scream and shout when the arrow will hit it.

In the wave of FDI, Sanskar Neelkanth Mandal have built a 71-feet tall Ravana effigy at Kila Maidan, which is being portrayed as East India Company soldier with FDI written on its cap.

Apart from these, Ravan constructed at Rambagh by Dushehra Utsav Samiti will be suffering from flu. He is going to sneeze and snort. One at Rabindra Nath Tagore Marg will shoot fire from its mouth and eyes.

People will also see contemporary avatars of Ravan at many places like Dussehra Maidan, the most popular ground for Ravana dahan. Dushehra Maidan Samiti which is making the effigies for the last 45 years has constructed a 121-feet tall effigy of Ravana.

Sanskriti Mandal who is celebrating Dussehra in Tilak Nagar for the last 50 years, had made a 51-feet tall effigy. Lot of firework and cultural events will also take place on Wednesday, the last day of Dussehra.

This year GPO ground will witness a Bal Hanuman flying around 101- feet tall Ravana. This one will twist his head and move his sword to keep Hanuman out of his Lanka. "We have arranged two-hour long fireworks to go with the program. The artists have came especially from Dewas to perform," said Prakash Tiwari, co-ordinator for GPO Dussehra Maidan.

The fireworks are an indispensable part of the festival. Fire workers have came especially for nearby places like Mhow and Dewas. While most of the grounds would hold aatishbaaji after Ravana dahan, GPO will organise a two hour-long fireworks before it.