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Shweta Mehta, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, October 26, 2012
An online statistic reveals that Tom Hanks is the highest all-time box office star in the world. It’s difficult then, to imagine that the actor, who started his career back in 1980, still gets jittery before his films release. But as his latest one, Cloud Atlas, hits theatres today, he reveals, “I feel nervous and pressured before my films release. I hope people enjoy this one.” He also talks about connecting with audiences, Bollywood and more.

A ten-minute standing ovation at Toronto Film Festival. How did that feel?
The credit goes to the entire team and to the directors, Lana & Andy Wachowski and Tom Tykwer for the fact that they could transform a book that the writer thought was unfilmable into this huge magnificent project.

Cloud Atlas is adapted from a prize-winning novel. Does that mean added pressure to have a great movie?
The directors had immense faith in the film and in us as actors. They wanted to do justice to the book. Every day we were embarking on an exciting new sequence and I was part of a great team, a genuinely unified ensemble.

Tell us about your character in the film. How is it different from any other film role of yours?
I’m playing six different characters. It was truly exciting. The physicality and the vocal quality of it are going to have to come out of a very organic place, and that’s a big chore when you’re only playing one role. When you’re playing six, time is your enemy because you don’t have as much. It was incredibly fun though.

Was there a fear that the film is too long or split into too many different parts, hence it may lose connect with the audience?
I think Cloud Atlas is as risky as Inception was. That’s what all movies used to be. This is how bold these guys are. I was part of a great team, a genuinely unified ensemble.

What’s your career plan now ? What kinds of films interest you the most?
Things I’ve not tried before excite me now. I’m currently working on a film called Saving Mr. Banks with Disney. It’s like being in Disneyland and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.