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October 26, 2012
Direction: Seth MacFarlane 
Actors: Seth MacFarlane (voice), Mark Wahlberg  
Rating: **
Whether they’re magical (Toy Story) or malevolent (Child’s Play),  toys have come to life in several Hollywood movies. But be warned: this is not a family-friendly film. A lonely eight-year-old receives a teddy bear as a Christmas present and wishes his toy would come to life.

Next morning, the lad discovers his teddy bear can walk, talk and behave like any other member of society. So far, so cute n’ cuddly.

Fast forward 27 years. The grown-up slacker (Wahlberg, impressive in an lighthearted role) and his beloved bear (dubbed in suitably raunchy tones by MacFarlane) are best buddies. They smoke dope, guzzle beer and say the darnedest things. Enter the girlfriend (Mila Kunis).

It’s the cue for the teddy to move into an apartment of his own. Will the threesome end up living happily ever after? Frankly, we don’t give a damn. There are some fun sequences but for a scatological comedy, Ted is ultimately un-bear-able.