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HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, October 28, 2012
At least 200 revellers allegedly broke out of a South Mumbai police station in the wee hours of Saturday. They had been rounded up and taken there following a raid at LIV Club in Kala Ghoda.
The police said a lawyer, Archit Jaykar, and his friend Hrithik Bhasin began arguing with the police and then allegedly helped the detainees escape before being booked. The police said the raid was conducted at 2.30am, when they learnt that the club was open past its deadline.

“After the raid, we began detaining the organisers and some revellers, when the latter started arguing with the police, following which we decided to detain them and bring them to the police station, as they were large in number,” said Ravindra Shisve, deputy commissioner of police (Zone I).

Twenty-one of the partygoers, along with the club owner and manager, had been booked before the incident. They were fined Rs1,200 before being let off. The club has been charged for overshooting the deadline, and for overcrowding.