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New Delhi, October 28, 2012
Sunil Gangopadhyay’s literary genius is really unmatched
Swapan Chakravorty in A conductor of fiction (October 24) rightly states that Sunil Gangopadhyay was one of the litterateurs who could write on almost anything. Gangopadhyay wrote excellent poetry, short stories, stories for children and novels. Some of his most successful novels like Shei Shomoy and Pratham Aalo will be relevant for years to come. In West Bengal, over the years, Gangopad-hyay’s characters have become a household name. I urge the West Bengal government to ensure that Gangopadhyay’s writings are translated into other languages to benefit readers across the globe.
-Sushmita Chatterjee, via email

He is such a bundle of laughs
This refers to Khushwant Singh’s article 9th Joke Book (With Malice Towards One and All, October 22). It is remarkable that the 98-year-old writer is still young at heart and can crack some really funny jokes. Today, people are so busy resolving their day-to-day problems that most of them seem to have forgotten to laugh. They must take inspiration from Singh. I wish to congratulate the writer for entertaining us with his column week after week.
-GK Arora, via email

An unsafe country for women
With reference to Samar Halarnkar’s article India’s great sickness (Maha Bharat, October 25), neither politicians nor the police seems to be paying enough attention to crimes against women. Perhaps that’s why they are increasing by the day. Though a spate of rape cases have been reported in Haryana recently, the problem is not unique to the state. Proper implementation of the law is the only way to curb this problem
-Rajan Kalia, via email

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