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Namya Sinha, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, October 30, 2012
Home is in:  New Delhi
Native place: Bihar
School/college I attended: Modern School, Delhi and Monash University, Melbourne
I earn my living by: working hard
I desire in a woman/man: Passion
I appreciate most about my friends: Their support
If I could name myself, it would be:  I love my name , its meaning, and that fact that it’s not common
The cause I care for: Status of women
My worst nightmare: To lose my ability to create
How I want to die:  I don’t
 My present state of mind: Nervous for my show
My motto: Life ka mazaa lo
I dream to be:  Perfect
Can’t do without this: Cheese
My biggest indulgence: Chinese food
I love to shop at: I love to shop, period!
I am an artist: To show the world what I see
My heroes in real life: Jhansi Ki Rani (Lakshmibai)
I can’t stand:
After I’ve run
Lassi or nimbu paani: Nimbu Paani
I love partying at: My house
If not in India, I would live in: Bora Bora, Tahiti
Cotton or satin: Cotton
A cuisine I can’t tolerate: Japanese
My wildest fantasy: to explore mars
My last regret purchase: I never regret

About her...
Devangana Kumar is a self taught artist who recently opened her first solo show in the Capital, Pageants of the Raj; the work force. The exhibition was a representation of Kumar’s exploration of Indian visual culture over several years. It had 30 artworks that formed a part of a conceptual project through which Kumar seeks to interrupt the pervasive narrative of caste that was propagated by colonial ethnography. Kumar will open her next show at Tao Art Gallery,  Mumbai tomorrow.