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Agence France-Presse
October 31, 2012
A jaunty cantina tune and a couple of Star Wars-specific special moves are contained within the first glimpse of gameplay for Angry Birds Star Wars, due for release on iOS and Android come November 8.

Angry Birds' famous red-feathered main character becomes Luke Skywalker for Angry Birds Star Wars, and the fellow can whip out his lightsaber mid-flight for maximum devastation to the piggies' various enemy encampments.

His sister Leia appears as the Pink Bird and wields a smart set of laser eyes -- perhaps acknowledging Carrie Fisher's piercing stare in the original Star Wars trilogy -- but Carrie's eyes were never before capable of felling a four-legged walking tank.

Previous Angry Birds movie crossover Angry Birds Rio saw Rovio's avian troublemakers mix with the characters from an animated film, while the crew was more recently swept into space in the NASA-backed Angry Birds Space.