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Yashwant Raj, Hindustan Times
Washington, November 01, 2012
Though neither campaign wants to be seen playing politics with Superstorm Sandy, they are not being too subtle. President Barack Obama has been camped in DC since Monday and not gone campaigning. But he has used the break well to project an image of himself as a president who cares and is in complete control of the situation.

The White House has been releasing pictures of the president taking Sandy-related meetings in the Situation Room.

The recognition of his efforts came quickly from an outspoken critic: Chris Christie, Republican governor of New Jersey. He described Obama as “outstanding” and said the president “deserves great credit”.

Instead of campaigning blatantly, Mitt Romney appeared at an event to raise money and relief essentials for victims of Sandy in Ohio, toughest of the battleground states.

Politics never did stop, actually. Surrogates of the candidates have continued through the hiatus. First lady Michelle Obama and VP Joe Biden have campaigned actively. Former president Bill Clinton was in Ohio with Biden on Monday, in Minnesota on Tuesday and is moving on to other states.

Ann Romney has turned out in a series of events in the battleground states of Wisconsin, Iowa, and Michigan.