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Relaxnews, AFP
November 04, 2012
A Chilean jeans company claims to have invented jeans that can budge those bulges and prevent sagging skin. Online blogging world is abuzz with claims from a Chilean company that its jeans has magical powers to smoothen cellulite and stretch marks, prevent sagging and even help you shed weight.

“A new trend is emerging that combines lazy-girl fitness and everyone’s favourite wardrobe staple: weight-loss jeans,” writes blogger Refinery29.

Meanwhile, blogger Blisstree adds, “I love The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants as much as anyone, but last time I checked, jeans don’t actually have magical powers.”

The company Mohicano Jeans claims its $80 (Rs 4,000) jeans contain aloe vera, amino acids and enzymes infused in the fabric, which promote cell growth, collagen and elastin.

Downside: you’ll need to wear the jeans for 15 days in a row for the ointments to transform your thighs. Later, you can keep wearing the jeans to boost the effect; their ingredients last for up to 40 washes, after which you don’t have to stop wearing them, but they’ll have lost their special powers. Other brands such as Wrang-ler, are also launching jeans that “hydrate your skin” and prevent “aging”.