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Yashwant Raj, Hindustan Times
Columbus, Ohio, November 05, 2012
With one day to go before election day in the United States on November 6, both campaigns are frantically trying to cover as much ground as possible in battleground states. President Barack Obama started the day Saturday in Ohio and ended it in Virginia, passing through two more, sharing the stage with former President Bill Clinton.

“I have given my voice in service of my president,” Clinton said at a campaign event in Virginia on Saturday, sounding hoarse from a long day on the trail.

Mitt Romney hit Iowa, Wisconsin and Colorado.

Obama has an edge over Romney in most of the battleground states, leading in 19 of the 22 polls published over the weekend. And, he is holding on to his lead in Ohio, with a narrow one in Florida, showed a Wall Street Journal-NBC poll published Saturday. It’s hard to tell on the ground though.

Romney drew a massive crowd at an event in Etna, near Columbus on Friday, packing the hall many times over, forcing organisers to open up more space for supporters.

But, the race for the White House continues to be considered tight. The Republican challenger is now hitting states earlier considered as taken by the president — Wisconsin, Minnesota and Pennsylvania.