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Yashica Dutt, Hindustan Times
November 10, 2012
Did you get terribly upset when ‘India’ was not mentioned in the US Presidential election debate? Do you rejoice every time some international tabloid or magazine does an India-related story? Then, feel happy that many international luxury brands did not forget Diwali and promptly launched special offerings this year. But we are not that easily swayed. So we decided to check out what was on offer. Here’s what we found.

1. Poised to celebrate

Burberry With their Rose Gold capsule collection, which includes accessories like heels, bags, clutches, watches, sunglasses and jewellery, limited edition trench coats in soft gold tones, perfumes and a mini ready-to-wear collection, Burberry seems to have gone all out this time. They even have separate products categorised as ‘Gifts for him/her/children’, where they make an off-handed suggestion about how to have a 'Model Burberry family.'

Our take: We like! They actually made the effort of launching an entire collection for Diwali and rounded it off well. Without shoving the glitter-sequins drama down our throats just because we like to celebrate. The rose gold tone comes off as festive while still maintaining the Burberry aesthetic.

2. Paisley is my print

Tod’s Here is someone who went down the paisley route with a limited edition D-bag made especially for the festival of lights. A version of the classic D-bag, named after the late Princess Diana, the Diwali bag is made with purple silk. Only two pieces, one in orange and the other in powder blue, are available in the New Delhi boutique and the price is obviously on request.

Our take: Even though the motif is not the most unique representation of Diwali, we’re glad they didn’t just bring something with rhinestones studded on it, like their previous India-inspired collection.


3. Knot now My Love

Bottega Veneta This isn’t a made-for-Diwali edition, but this is the one that suits the festival the best. Interpreting the famous knot style clutch, this one has a dark, muted tinge that would look good even after Diwali. Much like the Bottega Veneta Knot India launched a few years ago, the Bottega Veneta Oro Intreccio Pailletes knot clutch features a combination of dark and golden sequins and will set you back by Rs. 72,000.

Our take: Yes, there are sequins, but they are the way they should be. If we’re ever able to buy it (sigh), then this is the one we’d love to carry this Diwali.

4. A Deck full of Stripes

Paul Smith Always one for originality, the label has come up with the cutest Paul Smith multi-striped deck of playing cards and a black leather case to store it in. This will set you back by around Rs. 11,000, but hey, there’s nothing like a pack of designer cards. The label also ‘suggests’ cufflinks, tie pins and ties as gifts.

Our take: How innovative! It’s great that the label has ventured into Diwali accessories without losing its striped touch. But if you still can’t get on board, there are always the eternally chic Paul Smith socks to fall back on.

5. Outshine The Lights

Fendi This is not a special edition item for Diwali, but the press release that came to us carried a picture of a Zucca-embellished Fendi baguette that is all gold and sequins, with the trademark logo embossed in a different tone of the shade. Priced at around Rs. 68,000, it directly translates into what a Diwali special baguette should look like.

Our take: It’s not a Diwali-edition bag, but it will work if you need something to compete with the lights. Ideal for a card party where the idea is to look like you are the Diwali party instead of looking like someone just attending one.

From HT Brunch, November 11

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