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Mohamed Thaver, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, November 10, 2012
The cigarette butt an overconfident Mohammad Ansari alias Badshah, who allegedly raped and robbed a 27-year-old Spanish national at her Bandra flat on Monday, left at the crime scene could turn out to the smoking gun the police need to nail him.
Forensic experts believe it can prove handy in proving his presence in the flat, something that will help establish his crime, too.

An official from the Kalina forensic science laboratory said, "It is possible to extract DNA samples from the cigarette butt that was left behind by Ansari. The DNA will be extracted in the form of the dried saliva in it."

The official added, "This DNA sample will then be tested with Ansari's DNA swab sent to us by the Nagpada police hospital." An officer investigating the matter said a DNA match of the accused will play an important part in helping them prove Ansari role in the crime.

In addition to the cigarette butt, the police have also sent other biological samples to the FSL to check if they match the DNA samples of the accused. The forensic test reports will take at least seven to 10 days, said a police officer.

The police will be using the test results of the identification parade conducted at Arthur road jail on Thursday, when the victim identified Ansari as the person who had raped and robbed her. The police will also record the statements of other eyewitnesses to bolster their case.

After securing his custody on Friday, the police will now interrogate Ansari to find out where he has kept the stolen goods, including the gown worn by the victim, which he had taken to conceal evidence. "Initially, he claimed to have not been involved in the crime. Now, however, since the victim has identified him, there is not much room for doubt. We will be questioning him further and are hoping to get a confession out of him," said an officer.

The police conducted searches at Ansari's residence, but did not find the stolen booty.