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Kiran Sonawane, Hindustan Times
Dombivli, November 11, 2012
More than 2,600 women came together at the 'Mumbai Pooram festival' at Dombivli (East) to create a world record for the largest ever Kaikottikali performance in the world.

A team from the Guinness Book of World records was at the venue to record the feat. Kaikottikali is a popular folk dance in Kerala performed by women. It is a group dance, performed by a group of 8 to 14 women who clap in unison. It is usually performed on the occasion of Onam. 

Kondath Venugopal, president of the Mumbai Pooram Festival-2012 said, "Earlier, 2,000 women had performed this dance for the world record. This time, we decided to create a new record and appealed to 4,000 families from which 2,990 women registered for the event. The Guinness team counted 2,643 women and they performed the dance for 15 minutes. People from all religions and communities participated. There were Sindhis, Punjabis, Christians and Maharashtrians who took part."