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Ketaki Ghoge, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, November 12, 2012
Taking a swipe at NCP leader Ajit Pawar, Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan on Sunday said governance based on clearing files in a jiffy or taking decisions as per one’s discretion is not feasible or even desirable. “In the earlier regime, decisions were taken based on personal considerations. So, one could clear files swiftly based on one’s discretion. But today, in the age of Right to Information, there is greater transparency. You can be questioned about how and why a decision was taken,” Chavan said.

The CM, who completed two years in government on Sunday, said he is trying to usher in “rule-based governance”.

Chavan’s statements are a response to the NCP, which has been criticising him for being a slow decision-maker. Former deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar, who resigned in the wake of alleged irregularities in irrigation projects, has always positioned himself as a swift and efficient decision-maker.

Chavan pointed out that the so-called quick decision-making is often problematic. “In the scams uncovered recently, officials or other accused are in the dock because of taking decisions outside the framework of rules.”

However, Chavan denied there was any bitterness betw-een the allies and said the Cong-ress and NCP would face the 2014 polls together.
NCP spokesperson Nawab Malik said: “I don’t think going by rules stops one from taking quick, effective decisions. Discretionary powers are meant to be used.”